Last Minute Sass is an online booking service for all your makeup and hair needs. Founded in October 2017, the service is convenient, reliable and efficient, that provides a solution for customers struggling to find local makeup artists and hairdressers. We want to revolutionise the way you find and book their services.

But anyway, less about us - we could talk forever… visit our About Us page if you want to see more!

Last Minute Sass provides the makeup artists and hairdressers with an online booking system, that allows them to modernise the way they work.

Customers navigate through the search tool, to find local beauty services. They select the treatment, pick a date and choose a time slot. All your bookings are logged in your diary, which is accessed through 'My Account'. Here you can track or cancel your bookings.

The system is a working progress and we really value feedback. We will listen and implement your ideas. Find our details on the Contact Us page.

We hope that you’d never have a bad experience, but every now and again humans make mistakes. It is important that you bring up and issues as soon as they occur at the venue, as this is the best and most efficient way off solving them. Make sure you leave a good, honest review post-appointment as we regularly check them and take action where necessary.

Failing that, please feel free to email You will need your name, order reference, date of appointment, summary of your complaint and the outcome of the feedback. We will then take this up with the Seller and aim to revert back to you within 30 days.

You can track your bookings through the 'My Diary' page under your settings. Here you can see all the relevant details to your booking.

You will also receive email confirmation. If you haven’t received one, you have lost it or the dog ate it, please email with the details and we will do our best to assist.

As you check out, just before you pay, there is a white box labelled ‘promo codes’. Enter the code and click ‘apply’, and the amount will come off the total amount owed.

Please remember that some codes are limited to a certain amount of uses. If the code isn’t working and you are sure it is entered correct and the code is still active please email

You can cancel and amend bookings up to 72 hours prior to your appointment. Please check our Cancellations policy for more information.

It happens to us all! Click here to reset your password.

Navigate to your desired feedback-receivers page. You can easily find their profile, by logging in and going to 'Manage Orders' under your customer settings. Click 'view' on the appointment you wish to provide feedback for and click 'view profile'. This will take you to the sellers profile. If you scroll down, on the left you can select what star rating you wish to give and you can leave comments. We regularly check the feedback given, so please leave a good honest review!

If you have any other questions, please contact us at